metatarsals don’t compare to pelvis, but cuddling up to a paper pm cut out at night can warm a pal’s heart

as a conversation with pop went:

i got really stoked on this new thing where i hide in a small tree in our alley every tuesday morning at 7, when the garbage trucks ride by i leap onto the back.  i clad myself in molson canadian beer shorts, sunglasses with neon arms, and nothing else.  once on the back of the truck i wave a tea towel that has ‘go fighters!’ scrawled on one side of it and ‘fuck yeah cunts!’ on the other.  I wolf howl at pedestrians and do air kicks with my free leg until the drivers see me.

the first six times it was sweet, the truck would stop, and the dudes who were a bit annoyed but generally stoked would get out and tell me to take a hike.  they actually said that, ‘take a hike.’  After they would kick me off i’d keep the stoke going and bolt back home the long way screaming ‘go fighters!’ and ‘fuck yeah cunts!’, get  into bed and sleep until eleven forty as though nothing had ever happened.

but the last time while doing air kicks i unfortunately wasn’t looking and booted a bus stop pole and my poor 3rd, 4th, and 5th metatarsals got broken.  The drivers did give me a ride back home though, and wrapped my foot in my tea towel.  i think we are going for beers next week.  funny the people that you meet.


Doug Lump has a website!

check it out, its pretty stroking.


Hola Terrors

So i’ve been in Buenos Aires the past 5 weeks and just finished the design portion of my school work here. These are some renderings from the group project I was working on. BA has been an incredible city, amazing food and wine, and extremely affordable. I’ll tell you all about it when I’m back in Van, sometime in the next 2 weeks.



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Think About Life – Video

Philly it’s your birthday and you’re thirty.

I hear thirty is when you start bagging the real hot ladies. So, enjoy that. Big guy.