I made a drunken promise to start posting links to music on the blog.  And, unlike every other drunken promise I’ve ever made, I’m following through on this one.  So, fuck you Facebook.

Today’s selection: Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra – Genclick Ile Elele (1972)

It’s not rhythm and soul, not blues or jazz, nor rock, nor pop, and I don’t know what “folc” is so I suppose it could be that.  What the shit is it then?  It’s Turkish.  Strange, wonderful Turk music.  The soundtrack to the Turkish nightclub in my sex dreams.  I’m picking it 1: because it’s great, and 2: because I’ve come to identify with the chimp on the cover.  My monkey doppelganger.

Enjoy: http://www.mediafire.com/?ejenmjojnoz