Where are you watching Game 7?



Someone stole Noah’s Wing in ground effect

I still think Noah should make one of these….

Soundtrack to Lumps Pants Party

This one’s in honour of Lump’s bird loving weekend in Park City, Utah.

Today’s selection: Piero Piccioni – Camille 2000 s/t (1969)

Pretty much sounds like it looks, sex music. Psychedelic, Italian, late-60s sex music for a psychedelic, Italian, late-60s sex movie.

Here it is: http://rapidshare.com/#!download|102dt|410099892|Camille.rar|141748

(Sorry gents, no zip available for this one.  Also, don’t be fooled by the whole Rapid Share premium high speed thing.  Just click on slow download, wait a minute or two, then hit the download button beside the obnoxious cartoon of a smiley dude.)



Does the Piers Cabin need a water tower?

I think this would be fitting…

Fabulous Terror takes over Sundance Film Fest

Mega Congrats to Brian Lye premiering Love Birds at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.
Representing the Terrors on the International Scene. Way to make us proud!

check the trailer.

Rhythm n’ Soul, Blues n’ Jazz, Rock n’ Pop, Folc!

I made a drunken promise to start posting links to music on the blog.  And, unlike every other drunken promise I’ve ever made, I’m following through on this one.  So, fuck you Facebook.

Today’s selection: Mustafa Ozkent Orchestra – Genclick Ile Elele (1972)

It’s not rhythm and soul, not blues or jazz, nor rock, nor pop, and I don’t know what “folc” is so I suppose it could be that.  What the shit is it then?  It’s Turkish.  Strange, wonderful Turk music.  The soundtrack to the Turkish nightclub in my sex dreams.  I’m picking it 1: because it’s great, and 2: because I’ve come to identify with the chimp on the cover.  My monkey doppelganger.

Enjoy: http://www.mediafire.com/?ejenmjojnoz